Thursday, June 01, 2006


The Mets are off tonight, but they had another extra-innings win last night. Endy Chavez got the game-winning hit for the Mets in the bottom of the 13th inning. Of course that means another no-decision for Pedro -- he'll be lucky to get to 6 wins by the All-Star Break.

I'm watching the National Spelling Bee finals right now. It's a little depressing that all these kids can spell these words and I've never even heard these words before. The kids even say things like, "Can I have the etymology of that word?" Etymology? I never even heard of the word etymology until last year.

If JohnnyMets were here, he'd tell you about how he participated in the Spelling Bee when he was a kid. I think he made the regionals or something. Young Johnny's downfall was the word "terrarium". He thought it was like the word "pterodactyl" and spelled it "pterrarium." Isn't that ptragic, putting a silent letter where there really isn't one?

THE KID'S KIDS: St. Lucie Mets lost last night to the Vero Beach Dodgers. Their record is now 29-22, two games ahead of Brevard County.

LASTING IN THE MAJORS?: Lastings is currently 1 for 8 in the majors right now. But last night, he had a great assist in the field, throwing out Craig Counsell at third in the sixth inning.

FANTASY UPDATE: In the absence of John's What If? results, my last What If? question before Johnny comes back. What If John had spelled "terrarium" right in the Spelling Bee? Well, I certainly wouldn't be able to ptease him as much as I do.

BEAT THE STREAK: John has a 1-gamer, I'm at zero. I've got Jhonny Peralta tonight, which is a silly choice on this night of the spelling bee, given that he can't even spell his own name correctly. John has Bobby Abreu.

THE WIFE SIGNS OFF: Well, John is back tomorrow, so it's time for me to bid adieu. I hope I did a decent job of maintaining the site in John's absence. If you ever have any pressing questions you'd like me to answer instead of John, feel free to email: I'll make sure John gives me the editorial space to give an answer. I'm sure you'll also be hearing random quotes from me here and there, probably under the headline, "Rants from a Mad Pregnant Woman." I'm really not that mad. Just the voice of reason in this family. :)

Until later...

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