Sunday, November 12, 2006

PICK FOR 11/12

Not many people are expecting the Jets to beat the Patriots today. I am. My reasons today come in threes. Here are the reasons no one thinks the Jets can win - 1) Tom Brady had an awful game against the Colts last week (one of the worst of his career), and he doesn't have back-to-back bad games. 2) The Patriots don't lose back-to-back games. 3) The Pats have beaten the Jets seven straight times.

Here's why I think the Jets can win:
1) The Jets should have a sour taste in their mouths from the disappointing showing against Cleveland before their bye, and should use that as motivation today. 2) For the Jets to make the post-season, they will need to win the division - they are not getting a wild card. For the Jets to win the division, they need to win this game. 3) Their coaching staff should have been able to learn from the first loss to New England this season, and should be able to come in with a game plan to win.

Here's what the Jets need to do to win:
1) Score first. They can't afford to let the Patriots march right down the field and take an early lead - the Jets have been coming from behind too much this season. 2) Pressure Tom Brady. They need to get to the quarterback, something they haven't done all season, and make sure he's not beating them (that still leaves the ground game...which the Jets haven't been able to stop all year - make stopping the ground game reason 2-and-a-half). 3) Don't make mistakes. The Patriots are opportunistic. The Jets need to protect the ball, and take advantage of whatever opportunities come their way.

I look at number 1 as the most important today. If the Jets can't come right down and score first, the best they can do is prevent the Patriots from scoring early. If the Jets get out of the first quarter (which has been horrendous for them) still tied 0-0, they have a shot. I say Jets, 27-17, because a win over the Patriots is overdue.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


I'm not sure how many times I'll be writing during this off-season, but it'll be at least one. Here it is:

The Mets are reportedly going to announce on Monday that their new field (seen at the left), which will open in 2009, will be called "Citi Field", which is because Citibank (or Citigroup) is buying the naming rights. As far as corporate names go, that's actually pretty good. I'm pleased. Could be much worse. It could be one of those company names that people hate, and instead it would be called "The New Shea", or it could be a company that's going to go out of business and the name would have to change again (like a dot-com, or like Enron). Citibank is stable (although banks are prone to takeovers and mergers), and "Citi Field" is pretty cool for a stadium in a city. I'll take it.

Some people are saying it's too bad the "Shea" name is going by the boards...I agree, but it's the way of the world right now - hopefully William Shea will be remembered by Mets fans without the stadium bearing his name. And there is one sponsor that would have been better, which Mets fans apparently voted on somewhere - MetLife.


The latest on Hall of Famer Gary Carter is as follows - he was up for the hitting coach position with the Colorado Rockies, but that position was filled in-house (former Met Howard Johnson was also up for the Rockies' hitting coach position). I do believe a bench coach job will be opening up in Colorado as well, which Carter could also be an option for.

But there are a couple of other possibilities - the Dodgers are reportedly interested in Carter as manager of their Triple-A affiliate in Las Vegas. And now that Manny Acta is going to be named the new manager of the Washington Nationals, the Mets may look in-house to fill Acta's position, in which case Johnson and Carter could be possibilities. Now, I love him, but I know Carter is full of hot air and talks a lot, so that might be a stumbling block - but all he's done as a coach/manager in the minors is win (see below), so maybe that outweighs everything else. In other words, Willie Randolph will deal with a coach who annoys him because he knows how to win.

Also, let's say he fills Acta's job and becomes the Mets' third-base coach - if he makes a mistake, at least he'll be a stand-up guy about it and face the media (he'd love the attention). Gary Carter will not be a major league manager with the Mets - Randolph will be in his way - but it'd be nice before he goes elsewhere if he gets the chance to coach with the Mets. (It'd also be nice to see HoJo back at third, as a third base coach. I bet the Mets choose between those two guys.)


2005: (Gulf Coast Mets): 37-16
Postseason: 0-2

2006: (St. Lucie Mets)
1st Half: 40-30
2nd Half: 37-32
Postseason: 2-0, 3-0 (5-0 total)

****Finally, Congratulations to Dave from Brighton on his marriage. We here at are very happy for him. It was an honor to be involved in what was a very fun and joyful wedding.