Saturday, December 31, 2005


OK - so here's the rest of the info - it's all but official - barring an 0-for-16 weekend, the wife will wrap up the regular season title this weekend. She's 125-108-7 overall (8-7-1 last week), I'm looking to get above .500 - at 112-121-7 (8-7-1 last week), and Dave has 106-111-7 (9-6-1 last week).

For this Sunday (see way below for the Saturday games):

Indianapolis is a 6.5-point favorite over Arizona. They're going to want to be going into the playoffs on a winning note - I take Indy. So do the other two.

Baltimore is a 3-point favorite over Cleveland, in Cleveland. I already wrote down my picks, and for some reason I chose the Browns. I don't know why. Looking at this now, I think I'd pick the Ravens. But I can't change a pick once it's written down. Oh well. Browns it is. Dave takes Baltimore, the wife takes Cleveland.

The Jets end the season at home, 1.5-point underdogs to the Bills. I've been brutal at picking the Jets all year, as well as the Bills. I'll just take the Jets. So does the wife. So does Dave, who says he's 1-14 picking the Jets so far this year. Let's just take a look: He's actually 4-9-1. (Winning the Atlanta game, Denver, the second Pats game, the second Miami game, and tying San Diego...he didn't make the week one that's why the total is only 14.)

Carolina is giving 4 to Atlanta. One last time I'll root for Atlanta this season. I take the Falcons, so does Dave, the wife takes Carolina.

Minnesota is a 4.5-point favorite over Chicago. Not sure why...and again, I'm not sure why I picked the Vikings. They'll probably fold with nothing to play for. Oh well, can't change the pick now. I take Minnesota, so does Dave, the wife takes Chicago.

The Bengals are 7.5-point underdogs to the Chiefs. The Chiefs need to win, although San Diego winning on Saturday could eliminate them. I still think the Chiefs will show up and win over a Bengals team that probably won't go full speed Sunday, but not by more than a touchdown. I take the Bengals plus the points, so does Dave and the wife.

Pittsburgh clinches with a win, and they're playing Detroit. The Steelers are a 13-and-a-half-point favorite. I take the Steelers to win and cover easy. Dave also takes the Steelers, the wife takes Detroit.

New England is a 5.5-point favorite over the Dolphins. I take the Pats, still looking for a third seed, to win by more than that. The wife takes the Pats too, Dave takes Miami to cover.

Tampa Bay is giving 13.5 to the Saints. Part of me thinks the Saints will wrap up this miserable season with a big upset win, but the part of me that made the pick thinks Tampa will blow out the Saints. I take the Bucs. So does Dave, the wife takes the Saints.

Houston is giving 2 to San Francisco. It's been a rough season for the 49ers, but they've shown more of an ability to win than the Texans. I'm taking the Niners. Dave also takes the 49ers, the wife takes Houston.

Jacksonville is a 3-point favorite over the Titans. The Jaguars will win, and be the worst 12-4 team ever. I take the Jags, so does Dave and the wife.

Green Bay is a 4.5-point favorite over the Seahawks. Not sure what will happen in this one - I'll just go with the better team - Seattle, plus the points. Dave and the wife also take the Seahawks.

Washington, with a chance to win and get into the playoffs, is at Philly, and is favored by seven-and-a-half. I think Washington wins, but it won't be easy. I take Philly plus the points. The wife and Dave both take the Redskins.

Dallas is home to the Rams, and is favored by 12.5. I think the Rams put up a fight. I take Saint Louis with the points. So does Dave and the wife.

Maybe this continues with a playoff pool next week - I'll let you know. Happy New Year, and here's to more than 3 wins for the Jets in '06.

Friday, December 30, 2005


I'll hopefully get the Sunday picks in before Saturday afternoon, but I wanted to make sure I listed the Saturday picks:

The Chargers are 11-point favorites over Denver, in San Diego. Denver has already clinched, so they don't have anything to play for, and San Diego is eliminated, so they really don't have anything to play for. But the Chargers can have an effect on the Chiefs...still not enough to justify an 11-point spread for me. I take the Broncos plus the points, so does the wife, and so does Dave.

Saturday night, the Giants are 9-point favorites in Oakland. The Giants will win, clinching the NFC East, but they won't win by more than 9. I take Oakland to cover. The wife and Dave both take the Giants.

Friday, December 23, 2005

The wife has followed up a 10-4 week with a 13-3 - pretty much wrapping up a title this year. There's still two weeks left......but I'm not hopeful.

I was 6-10 last week, 104-114-6 overall. Dave went 8-8, 97-105-6 overall. The wife's 13-3 put her at 117-101-6.

For this week - I think Cincinnati beats Buffalo by two touchdowns, covering the 13.5. The wife takes the Bengals, Dave takes Buffalo.

Pittsburgh is a 7-point favorite in Cleveland - all three of us take the Steelers.

Kansas City is a Pick'em against San Diego. They're pretty unbeatable in K.C. in December. I take the Chiefs, so does Dave. The wife takes the Chargers.

Miami is home to Tennessee, and is favored by 5.5. I have no real reasoning, but I take the Dolphins. So does Dave. The wife takes the Titans.

Jacksonville is a 6-point favorite over Houston. Seems like the Jaguars can cover six points...but you never know. We all three take Jacksonville.

New Orleans is a 3-point favorite over Detroit. We all three take the Lions.

Carolina is a 5-point favorite over the Cowboys, in Carolina. We all three take the Panthers.

The Redskins are 3-point favorites over the Giants in Washington. I take the 'Skins - they have more to play for. The wife also takes Washington, Dave takes the Giants.

Tampa Bay is a 3-point favorite over the Falcons. Because I'm rooting for Mike Vick, I take Atlanta. Dave and the wife take Tampa Bay.

Saint Louis gives 9.5 to San Francisco. I take the Rams, so does Dave - the wife takes the 49ers.

Arizona is a 1-point favorite over the Eagles. I don't understand how - it's in Arizona, but that shouldn't matter. We all three take the Eagles.

Seattle is a 9-point favorite over Indianapolis. Indy's either going to be inspired or fold up. All three of us are taking Indy, but Dave says he stands by his pick of Seattle a few weeks back to beat the Colts.

Denver, at home, is giving 13 to the Raiders. We all three take Denver.

Chicago is giving 6.5 to Green Bay. The Bears should win this one, even though it's in Green Bay. I take the Bears, so does Dave, the wife takes the Packers.

The Ravens come off last Monday night's blowout to play the Vikings, and are favored by 3. I think flash in the pan, and the Vikings not only cover but win, despite the game being in Baltimore. Dave takes Minnesota. The wife takes Baltimore.

Monday night, the Patriots are 5.5-point favorites over the Jets. I can't even come close to predicting what the Jets will do anymore. I take them, though, this week, for some reason. Dave and the wife both take the Patriots.

Have a Merry Christmas, and a great weekend!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Way to follow up a 13-3 week - a big ol' 4-10-2. Back to six games behind the wife - she's at 104-98-6, I'm at 98-104-6, and Dave is 89-97-6. (Last week - wife: 10-4-2, Dave: 5-9-2.)

Maybe the Saturday games will bring me better luck.

In the Saturday games, I'm taking Tampa Bay getting four-and-a-half in New England, Kansas City getting 3 in New York, and Denver giving eight-and-a-half in Buffalo. The wife takes the Patriots, Giants, and Broncos, and Dave takes Tampa, Giants, and the Broncos.

On Sunday:

I'm taking Pittsburgh over Minnesota in Minnesota - Pittsburgh is favored by 3. 4 Vikings facing charges for the boat scandal a few months back - this is the final nail in the Minnesota coffin, the one that ends their current run and makes them miss the playoffs. Dave takes Minnesota, the wife takes Pittsburgh.

Indianapolis looks to go to 14-0 against the Chargers - I take the Colts giving 7-and-a-half. The Chargers will miss the playoffs - I thought they would do a lot worse than they did this season, but at least I'll be right about them not making the post-season. (One of the few things I would have been right about all year.) Dave takes Indy, the wife takes San Diego.

Jacksonville is giving 16 to the 49ers in Jacksonville. San Francisco was just awful last week, but I don't know that the Jaguars should ever be 16-point favorites. I take San Fran, so does Dave and the wife.

Seattle is on a roll - they're giving 7 to the Titans in Tennessee. All three of us take Seattle.

Arizona is the latest team to come into Houston and somehow steal a victory from the Texans. I take Arizona by a point-and-a-half, Dave and the wife think Houston will somehow pull out a win, or cover the point-and-a-half spread.

In Miami, the Dolphins are 9-point favorites over the Jets. I think the Dolphins win by 10 - and don't look now, but a Dolphins win coupled with a Patriots' loss leaves Miami only a game back with 2 to go - and a head-to-head matchup still to come. Dave and the wife both take the Jets.

Carolina is an 8-point favorite at New Orleans, where Todd Bouman will start. Carolina easy. Dave and the wife also take the Panthers.

In Washington, it's the Redskins favored by 2-and-a-half over the Cowboys. I think Dallas stays alive, Washington is done after this weekend. I take Dallas. So does Dave. The wife takes the Redskins.

Cincinnati is an 8-point-favorite in Detroit. Detroit doesn't have anything close to a home field advantage - they'd be better off playing on the road. How does Matt Millen still have a job? All three of us take Cincinnati.

Oakland is a 3-point favorite over Cleveland in Oakland. A few factors here - Kerry Collins is back after a one-game benching, Cleveland isn't very good, and the game is in Oakland. Also, Oakland had an embarrassing loss to the Jets last week. I'd make this game my lock of the week - I can't believe Oakland won't win this game. I take the Raiders. Dave does too, the wife takes the Browns.

Saint Louis is a 3-point favorite against Philadelphia. I don't know - I guess I take the Rams, since they're home. Dave takes Saint Louis, the wife takes Philly.

Sunday night is a good one - Atlanta, favored by 3, in Chicago. I'm torn on this one. The Bears have been playing so well...and their defense could shut down Atlanta. I'm taking the Bears +3. Not sure who will win, though. Probably Chicago. Dave takes the Bears, the wife takes the Falcons.

Monday night, Green Bay is a 3-and-a-half point favorite over Baltimore. Green Bay has to win this game. Baltimore's awful. All three of us take Green Bay.

Just two more weeks after this one - Indy's going undefeated.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

My pick for the Jets-Raiders game on Sunday - find something else to do. This is when DirecTV's Sunday Ticket comes in handy - the local offering is Patriots-Bills, which does nothing for me. The Jets-Raiders game will be my permanent switchback, just to keep tabs on what's going on, but I can watch the Colts go for 13-0, and the Steelers-Bears game instead of the other games...without leaving home.

So last week, a pretty good week all around for picks - the wife was 8-8, Dave was 11-5, and I pulled off a 13-3. Dave now stands 4 below .500 at 84-88-4, the wife is 94-94-4, and I pulled exactly even with her last week after the 13 wins. So for this week:

I have Carolina, at home, -5 against the Buccaneers - so does the wife.

I have New England, -4, at Buffalo - so does the wife.

I have Minnesota giving 6 and-a-half against the Rams, in Minnesota, the wife has Saint Louis.

In Pittsburgh, the Steelers are giving 5-and-a-half to Chicago - I take the Bears plus the points. The wife takes the Steelers.

The Raiders are 3-point-favorites over the Jets - I take Oakland, the wife takes the Jets.

Indianapolis is giving 8-and-a-half to the Jaguars - I take Indy, the wife takes Jacksonville.

In Tennessee, it's the Titans minus-6-and-a-half. I take Tennessee, the wife takes Houston...again.

Cincinnati is giving 11-and-half to Cleveland. I take the Bengals, the wife takes Cleveland.

Washington is a 4-point favorite over the Cardinals in Arizona. Both me and the wife take the Redskins.

The Giants are 9-point favorites in Philly. Both me and the wife take New York.

Some big spreads ahead:

I take Seattle giving 16 at home to San Francisco. The wife takes the 49ers.

I take San Diego giving 13 to the Dolphins. The wife takes Miami.

I take Denver giving 14-and-a-half to Baltimore. The wife takes the Ravens.

In Dallas, the Cowboys are three-point-favorites over the Chiefs. The Chiefs should win outright - I take K.C. The wife takes Dallas.

Sunday night, the Packers are 6-point favorites over the Lions, in Green Bay. I take Green Bay, the wife takes the Lions.

Monday night, the Falcons are 10-and-a-half point favorites over the Saints, in Atlanta. I take the Falcons, so does the wife.

Where are Dave's picks this week, you ask? They weren't worth printing - he's taking all favorites. So go back and figure out where his picks differ from the wife and I's. I took a lot of favorites - but I didn't take all of them.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Jets game at the Meadowlands against the Patriots later this month will not mean much - by then, most of the Jets will have their eyes on the off-season, with just one more regular season game left to play in a disastrous season. So I submit to you that today's game in Foxboro against the Patriots is the last game this season the Jets will get up for collectively, and there is a CHANCE...just a chance....that they'll pick up their final win of the season.

I can't really justify this - call it a gut feeling, or a dislike of the Patriots clouding my judgment, or stupidity - but I think the Jets might win today. Brooks Bollinger is coming off a very encouraging start last Sunday night against the Saints (and really, is the Patriots' defense at this point much better than the Saints'?). He wants a win. The Jets don't want a seven-game losing streak. It's their rivals. This is the Jets' Super Bowl this season (although when I wrote about Super Bowl aspirations back in August/September, this is NOT what I meant).

The one bad thing coming into the game for the Jets is the situation the Patriots find themselves in. First of all, Tom Brady is coming off an awful start, so the chances of him throwing something like 4 interceptions again are very slim. Also, a loss would drop the Patriots to 6-6. They'd still be in first place, but with the Bills playing the Dolphins today, someone is going to be 5-7, and a game back, so the Patriots really, really need a win, and must think they can get it against the Jets.

I just hope it keeps snowing through the game - and maybe cancels school tomorrow. And I really hope the Jets win. But I think they'll at least cover. I take the Jets, getting 10. Believe it or not, Dave in Brighton also takes the Jets, and the wife takes the Patriots -10.

Last week I finally had a good week, 10-6, getting back within 10 games of .500. I really need a killer week this week. Dave was 9-7, the wife was 8-8. So overall it's:

Wife - 86-86-4
Me: 81-91-4
Dave: 73-83-4

For this week:
All three of us pick Buffalo plus 4.5 at Miami. I can't figure out these two teams - they are both pretty bad, but I think Buffalo is better. Miami must be favored because they're home. Who knows.

I think Cincinnati will beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, after the Steelers beat them earlier this year. I take Cincy plus 3. The wife and Dave both take Pittsburgh.

Baltimore is an 8-and-a-half-point favorite over the Texans. All three of us figure Baltimore probably can't beat the Texans by 8-and-a-half...if they can beat them at all. We all take Houston.

We also all take Indianapolis, at home, by 15 over Tennessee.

Jacksonville is without Byron Leftwich, but David Garrard isn't bad. Especially considering the Jags are playing the Browns. I take Jacksonville, -3. So does Dave, the wife takes Cleveland.

The Giants look to rebound from last week's heartbreak against Seattle against the Cowboys today in New York. I take the Giants -3, the wife and Dave both take the Cowboys getting the points. (This could easily be a push.)

Chicago is a 7-point favorite over Green Bay, in Chicago. We all take the Bears. Dave submits he had a dream that the Bears won 42-7. If that happens, that would be very weird.

Minnesota is a 2-point favorite over the Lions. I guarantee the Vikings will make a run to get to the final week with a chance at winning and getting a playoff spot, then going out and laying an egg with it all on the line. But today I take the Vikings, -2. Dave and the wife both take the Lions.

Carolina is at home, and is favored by 3 over Atlanta. But Atlanta dominates the Panthers. I take Atlanta, getting 3. So does the wife. Dave takes Carolina.

All three of us like Tampa Bay by three-and-a-half over the Saints, in Baton Rouge.

Arizona is a 3-point favorite over the 49ers. Dave and I like the Cardinals. The wife picks San Francisco.

Washington is a 3-point favorite over the Rams. Today we will find out if the Redskins are a true playoff team or not. They should win this game, especially with their defense. If they lose, forget their chances. I take Washington, -3, so does the wife. Dave takes the Rams plus 3.

Denver is a one-point favorite over Kansas City. Two things working for me here - I like the way Kansas City played last week, and I think Denver is far better at home than on the road. This one's in Kansas City. I take the Chiefs, +1. So does Dave. The wife takes the Broncos.

Tonight, San Diego is giving 11, at home, to Oakland. That seems like an awfully big spread. I take the Raiders getting the points. So does the wife. Dave takes the Chargers.

Monday night, it's Seattle giving 4 at Philadelphia. All three of us take Seattle. What I didn't realize is that at halftime the Eagles are retiring Reggie White's number, posthumously. It'll be emotional. But I still think Seattle will win.

Enjoy Week 13!