Wednesday, May 31, 2006


So you've all heard a lot about JohnnyMets' different fantasy leagues over the years. I figured it was about time to show you mine. I first put together my league after reading a post from the always insightful fellow blogger Natural Bl0g. See, back in April, Natural Bl0g wrote about his All Star of Ugly team (, and I thought, "What would really be great is an All Star roster of hotness." You know, players I would enjoy watching duke it out in a 5-hour, extra inning game.

So here is my fantasy team:

Leading off would be CF JOHNNY DAMON. In his long-haired Red Sox years, not the new short-haired Yankee years. The short hair makes him look like a dork. The long hair was fabulous.

Batting second would be SS DEREK JETER. Yes, he's a Yankee, but a good-looking Yankee at that.

Batting third, 1B SHEA HILLENBRAND. Hillenbrand was my favorite player back when he played for Boston. But alas, he was traded. At least the Blue Jays play the Sox 19 times each year, so I can still see him now and then.

Batting cleanup, 3B DAVID WRIGHT. I think my slight crush on David Wright has been well-documented. (For evidence, see yesterday's entry on "David Wright and Puppies".) He's well-deserving of the cleanup role.

Batting fifth, LF CLIFF FLOYD. Another former Red Sox player who I'm glad is now on the Mets. He's not only good-looking, but he has excellent fashion sense off the field.

Batting sixth, 2B CRAIG BIGGIO. I'll admit, this was a tough one to come up with. There just aren't any good looking second basemen out there. But Biggio is the best there is.

Batting seventh, RF GABE KAPLER. Yes, yes, another former Red Sox player. What can I say? The Sox had a good looking team once upon a time.

Batting eighth, C BRAD AUSMUS. He's good looking and a fellow Dartmouth grad. That's an extra two points in my book. However, Ausmus is a little too "pretty boy" for me, so once in a while I might bench him in favor of...

C PAUL LO DUCA. I think this picture of him is really lame. And JohnnyMets can't believe I'd pick him for my team. But when he's mad and trying to throw someone out at second base, he looks good.

Batting ninth, P MIGUEL BATISTA. This was an interesting last-minute pick on my part. I was debating between pitchers, but I saw Batista pitching against the Mets last night and he has these great green eyes. Yes, the eyes did it for me.

And closing, I would pick P HUSTON STREET. I got my first glimpse of Street out in Oakland. True, he blew the game, but all the girls in our group were talking about how cute he is.

Finally, what's a team without a manager? Truth be told, I couldn't find a modern-day manager hot enough to take charge of my team. So I decided to hire my own, former Red Sox player PHIL PLANTIER. Back in the early 1990's, when I was in high school, I had a huge crush on him. I think I still have his baseball card around here somewhere. He's coaching for some college out in San Diego right now, but I figured he'd jump at the chance to manage my team.

So there you have it. Feel free to offer your own suggestions. I realize I'm pretty biased towards the Sox and Mets.


Diamondbacks and Mets are tied 0-0 in the top of the 10th right now. Nice pitching matchup between Pedro and Webb.

THE KID'S KIDS: The St. Lucie Mets won 10-3 last night, bringing their record to 29-21, 1st place in their division. They're playing the Vero Beach Dodgers again tonight.

LASTING IN THE MAJORS?: Well, Lastings Milledge got his first major league hit last night after I wrote the blog -- a nice double to left field. Tonight, he's not as lucky, currently 0 for 4 with 2 strikeouts.

FANTASY UPDATE: Again, no access to the What If? League, but I have a What If? question of my own: What If JohnnyMets comes face to face with a bear during his camping trip? I'd certainly pay money to see his reaction. (But I, of course, hope he would be okay. Come on, now...)

BEAT THE STREAK: John and I both blew it yesterday. Tonight, I had Biggio, who only pinch hit (and flew out) and John had Jason Bay, who got a hit. So he has a one-gamer. I'm back at zero.

Well, that's it for today's blog. You have one more day of me, then JohnnyMets is back. I'll be a little relieved, I think -- this is hard work.

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