Sunday, April 12, 2009

Series Recap - Florida Marlins

April 10: Marlins win 5-4
April 11: Mets win 8-4
April 12: Marlins win 2-1

Mets record: 3-3

Beast of the East? : Don't look now but the Marlins are 5-1 with all the wins coming in the NL East. Jorge Cantu joked they might win 161 games.

So Close : Both Met losses come by just one run. They say good teams win close games. But then again - who is "they" that always says that?

Surely You Can't Be Serious : The Mets lone win this series came because of Livan Hernandez. Yes - THAT Livan Hernandez. I'm serious - and don't call me Shirley. That same Livan Hernandez had an ERA of 6.05 last season for the Twins and Rockies. Put it this way - if the Mets are counting on Livan Hernandez to bail them out, its going to be a long season.

Ace vs Staff : The Marlins might have one of the best pitching staffs in all of baseball (Braves manager Bobby Cox thinks so), but its clear the Mets have the best pitcher. Johan Santana was awesome on Sunday, but couldn't get the run support. So the question is, would you rather your rotation was one amazing pitcher and four so-so's, or five pretty good's? 2009 could be the year we find out the answer.

Next up : three games vs San Diego Padres. Its the home opener Monday and in - case - you - hadn't - heard - already, Johnnymets will be there.

- SB

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