Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Series Recap - Florida Marlins

April 27: Mets win 7-1
April 28: Marlins win 7-4
April 29: Marlins win 4-3

Mets record: 9-12

And the answer is... : Omir Santos hit the first grand slam in Citi Field history on Monday to become the answer to a trivia question. Two days later, its really the only memorable thing for the Mets in this series.

Can you Cantu? : Yes, he can. Jorge Cantu homered three times in the three game series. That's two more home runs than David Wright has all season.

Bullpen goes ka-Putz : What did Johan Santana do to deserve this? Another blown lead by his bullpen on Wednesday. J.J. Putz gives up the game winning runs in the eighth ruining another fine outing by Santana.

Why can't we get players like that? : A tip of the cap to former Boston sportscaster Bob Lobel who used to always say that line when a former Red Sox player would come back and torch the current club. On a completely related note - former Mets farmhand Matt Lindstrom saved both Marlins wins.

Help is NOT on the way : Freddy Garica was thought to be a candidate for the #5 spot in the rotation when Spring Training began. He started the season in Triple-A and that didn't go well. He gave up 10 runs in 11 innings and was released on Tuesday. Omar Manaya's off-season is not getting a passing grade right now.

Next Up : Three games at Philadelphia Phillies. And if you're keeping track - Oliver Perez will apparently get one more shot at the rotation and pitch on Saturday. If you're going to try and help a pitcher regain his confidence - why have him throw against your arch rival, one of the best hitting teams in the league, and in what is traditionally a launching pad for HRs? Its almost like they want him to fail.

- SB

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