Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I don't believe it. If I can work out my work schedule, I'm going to be at the first game ever at Citi Field.

I'm having trouble categorizing the part I don't really believe:

A) That I have a ticket to this game.

B) That my dad was able to successfully navigate the internet and get these tickets this morning.

C) That my mom didn't squirrel the tickets away and present them to me at Christmas. (FYI - This would have been totally acceptable. I'm just surprised she didn't do it. True story - Once, I entered a New York Daily News contest - must have been 1993, when 'River of Dreams' came out. Grand prize was tickets to a Billy Joel concert. Next came about 100 t-shirts. The contest was in the fall. I gave up when I heard nothing by late October or so. Christmas morning I unwrapped a...what do you know....Billy Joel t-shirt. I said, "Wow! I entered a contest for something like this!" My mom said, "I know, that's where it came from!" So basically, I got jobbed on a Christmas gift, because I won that for myself. Again, this ticket situation is different. I'm just saying, this is where I'm coming from, and why (C) is the surprise.)

Now, (B) didn't come without incident. My dad said he had tickets in Row 1 of the section he was buying tickets for, got himself booted out of the online room, and then had to go back in. Knowing him, his temper probably flared, but he held it together and ended up with Row 2 in, I think, the Promenade Box section. Which I think is one of the red circled areas (it's a totally new and weird experience for me not to know the names of the seating areas in my team's home ballpark):

I don't even care where the seats are. As long as I'm in that building. And the tickets were part of a I think I'll be exploring Citi Field a lot this season. And I couldn't be more thrilled about it. I can't believe it.

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