Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I think this is the second time this year I've done the recap on a Wednesday - the first time with the next week starting tomorrow already. But I refuse to allow the week to go by unrecapped. So here it is:

BEST GAME OF WEEK 14: It was Dallas-Pittsburgh, and a close second was Tampa Bay-Carolina, which I called for as the best games a week ago. Add to that the huge backdoor cover by Pittsburgh - favored by 3, trailing by 10 with 7 minutes left, they not only tie the score, but avoid the push by an interception returned for a touchdown in the final two minutes. Woo!

BEST PERFORMANCE OF WEEK 14: It meant very little in the standings, but reminded many of why he was valued so highly not too long ago - Matt Schaub came back from injury to lead Houston to a road win in Green Bay, throwing for 414 yards and 2 touchdowns.

WORST PERFORMANCE OF WEEK 14: How about Buffalo, trying to showcase the game (somewhat) internationally in Canada, losing 16-3. They've just fallen apart. Credit Miami's defense, I guess, holding Marshawn Lynch to just 31 rushing yards (QB J.P. Losman outrushed him by 22), but the Bills have been flat-out terrible. Of course, all that goes by the boards when they face the Jets on Sunday.

BEST GAME IN WEEK 15: Look no further than the Steelers for another great week - this week it's Pittsburgh-Baltimore, with first place in the AFC North on the line. I hate that the Ravens are good.

BEST PERFORMANCE PREDICTED IN WEEK 17: Peyton Manning gets his turn against the Detroit Lions. How about 330 yards, 3 TD.
-Last Week: I said Drew Brees would have 4 TD, with 400 passing yards in a bounceback game. Not quite. He had 230, with 2 TD.

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