Sunday, December 07, 2008


I do not like 4 o'clock games,
They make me wait and wait.
Today's makes two weeks in a row,
The Jets game starts so late.

It's different than the 8 o'clock
Or Monday night affair,
Those games are the centerpiece
In which everyone can share.

The playoffs, too, are different
It's a different level of game
I can wait until four or Saturday night
But regular season's not the same.

My routine has me ready at 1 pm,
That's when I'm psyched the most,
To wait three hours from that time
Is tough for someone on the East Coast.

So today with the Jets in San Francisco
I'll be as patient as I can
I'll postpone dinner and children's baths
I'll be less dad than fan.

Because that's what 4 o'clock starts do
They turn everything on its head
And the worst thing is when the game's over,
I feel like it's time for bed.

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