Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, I got my last look at Shea Stadium this past weekend.

Monday night at midnight marked 15 days since the Mets' season ended (too early...but I've told that tale). To the best of my knowledge, that's when Shea goes from being privately owned to being property of the wrecking crew. So any day now I keep expecting to hear news about Shea Stadium being torn down.

It's kind of sad.
What you should notice in the picture above, besides the fact that I'm not really watching the road, I guess, is that the "S" from "Shea" is missing. I don't know if they took down all of the letters or not later in the day, but it seems odd someone would just take the "S" as a souvenir without the rest of the words.
Of course, the positive part is that Citi Field looks awesome. Coming into New York, headed towards the city on the Whitestone Expressway, is the best sightline of the new stadium. Especially at night - the Citi Field sign is all lit up already. It looks great (above is the sign in the daytime, which looks less great. Use your imagination). Enjoy these pictures, courtesy of The Wife, who was the safer option taking pictures, being in the passenger seat and all.

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