Sunday, October 12, 2008


For the first time in a long time (maybe two years...actually I think I was at the playoff clincher against the Raiders in 2006), I was able to build a trip to New York around a Jets game. Lots of new mixed in with my trip to Giants Stadium today:

1) After much thought, I'm pretty sure I've never seen Brett Favre in person.

2) My dad and I are going to take the express bus from Port Authority to the stadium. Usually we drive, but we hear it's a terrible mess with the construction of the new stadium going on. So we'll give this a shot.

3) I've never seen the Jets wear anything other than green (they're going with the blue and gold Titans uniforms again today).

4) Rarely have I attended an October game in shorts. Closest I can remember was a late September game (I want to say September 29, but I could be making that up, and I think it was in 1994, when the Jets were also wearing throwbacks, but the green-and-white kind) against the Chicago Bears. It was a Sunday night game, it was hot, and I think the Bears won, 19-7 or some such score. The highlight was Johnny Johnson ripped off a 90-yard run for the Jets, but ran out of gas and was tackled inside the 10-yard line, so he didn't score.

I'll recap the game on Monday, along with the rest of the NFL recaps. I'll also give an update this week on the new stadium progress, as well as what Citi Field is looking like these days.

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