Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I discovered something the other day thinking about the way I watch baseball these days. My summer can basically be divided up into three unequal trimesters, and I'm very excited because the second of these is about to start. Interestingly, The Wife is also paying a lot of attention to trimesters these days...but I won't get into hers so much because it doesn't really involve my summer vacation.

This is the sort-of-official beginning to summer, when baseball starts, up until mid-June, when school ends. It's exciting, yet not fully formed (or developed). If I stay up too late in the evening watching the games to their very end, I wake up not feeling well in the morning. (Interestingly, The Wife also had some morning sickness.) I certainly follow things closely during this period of 2 to 2-and-a-half months, but I don't have instantaneous access to news, as I would in the....

This begins on Thursday, when school is done, and nothing stands between me and sports information until September (except the All Star break, when nothing happens). It's two-and-a-half full months of pretty much uninterrupted baseball. Basically, for the second trimester, I live like the Southern Bureau, able to make fantasy baseball moves or gather information at the drop of a hat, up-to-date on almost anything that happens....as though I had no other life. Like I was 11 again. And, let me again stress, like the Southern Bureau lives his life now.

Again, back to school, but with pennant chases and playoff pushes going on, my attention is a little more focused. I'm still feeding off the restful summer, so I can stay up late for some games, into the playoffs even, if necessary. And if the past couple of years hold true, my fantasy team is usually involved in some down-to-the-wire excitement, so that gets my continued intense attention if needed.

This year the beginning of my third trimester coincides with the end of The Wife's. It'll be like a clash of the titans. It'll be interesting to see which one of us gets to stick to their routine in the final trimester.


Southern Bureau said...

I live my life like an 11 year old?? That's not true at all...and rather insulting.

Maybe you should come over after school and I can show you what an adult I am. Let me just ask my mom first if its cool if you come over. Then I'll clean up my GI Joe guys off the sofa so we have a place to sit. THEN you'll see what an adult I am.

But you can't stay past 9pm - that's my bedtime. Unless you want to sleep over...I have bunk beds.

the wife said...

and your third trimester usually ends in pain and suffering, just like mine will. too bad you can't get an epidural to numb the pain.