Thursday, June 12, 2008


I got home late Wednesday night (late for 9:30, I guess), after an end-of-year celebration, before beginning my summer vacation. I turned on the TV, saw the Mets game was 3-3 in the 10th, and I settled in to watch.

As I emptied my pockets, I realized there was a text message on my cell - from Justin in NYC. It said "Seriously. Worst team ever." I was puzzled. The Yankees were a late start out west, so he had to be talking about the Mets. How bad could a 3-3 tie in extra innings be?

I rewound the TiVo, and saw the Diamondbacks tie it with a homer after being down to their last strike. Then Thursday afternoon, I watched as Billy Wagner blew another save. At least the Mets came back to win Wednesday's game.

The Mets are just a mess. What happens now? Does Willie Randolph get fired? (In his defense - your closer has to finish those games. I mean what more can a manager do? I don't care what Wagner's breakdown is entering an inning versus starting an inning - get three friggin' outs.) Do the Mets still have a chance?

Interleague play has been disastrous for the Mets the past few seasons. There is a real chance that the Mets could be long gone by July first. Keep an eye on it this weekend without me - I'm heading up to Dartmouth College for The Wife's college reunion. I'll be back on Monday. It might be a loooooong summer.


Southern Bureau said...

Southern Bureau Update (6/13):

Wilmington NC native Trot Nixon has been traded to the NY Mets. With Moises Alou back on the DL today, Nixon could step right into the starting lineup.

Other Wilmington/Mets news - The Mets sign UNCW's Bradley Holt today. Holt was the 33rd overall pick in the draft. He's heading to the Brooklyn Cyclones (Class A - NY Penn League)

Today's Game: Mets win 7-1. Someone impersonating Oliver Perez pitched seven strong innings. It obviously wasn't the ACTUAL Oliver Perez since Perez wouldn't have gotten out of the first. "Fake Oliver Perez" also drove in two runs.

Willie Watch: Not fired yet.

Southern Bureau said...

Southern Bureau Update (6/14):

Today's Game: Rained out. They'll play a doubleheader vs the Rangers tomorrow. Pedro* and Maine to pitch (I'm assuming).

Willie Watch: Not fired yet. He'd better keep praying for rain.

Southern Bureau said...

Southern Bureau Update (6/15):

Today's Game One: Mets lose 8-7. A big comeback, but the Mets come up short. Couldn't beat Kevin Millwood. Seriously. KEVIN MILLWOOD.

New Hanover High grad Trot Nixon made his Mets debut. 2-3, 2 walks, run scored. Looks like he'll be a great fill-in for Alou and Church - nice move by Omar.

Today's Game Two: Mets win 4-2. Pedro* pitches six great innings. Billy Wagner manages NOT to blow his fourth straight save - Met fans and his fantasy baseball owners breathe a sigh of relief.

I forgot to mention this in the first review - but David Wright didn't have a double in this series.

Willie Watch: He owes Pedro* dinner - without that win, Willie's out of a job.