Monday, June 09, 2008


The title refers to the weather, not the Mets, who are far from "hot".

After a 4-game sweep in San Diego, the Mets are back to two games below .500, and morale-wise, things are back to where they were before the west coast trip, which is to say, low in the morale department.

It didn't have to be this way - the Mets led Sunday's game in the eighth, before Billy Wagner came in and served up a single and then a homer to give San Diego the lead.

And I guess my question is this: Who on the Mets calls out Billy Wagner when he messes up? Seems like Wagner is the first to point fingers at everyone else when they do something wrong...I just hope there's a system of checks and balances that makes sure he gets his when the time comes.

And on Sunday, the time came.

In fairness to Billy, the homer came after a 2-2 pitch that looked an awful lot like strike three. So maybe he doesn't only stink, maybe he's a head case as well, just like Oliver Perez. I hope someone in the clubhouse points that out to the world.

I think the sun made me angry today. I have a headache. Two more days of school...

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