Monday, January 28, 2008


This is a strange week for Jets fans. The Super Bowl pits the Giants against the Patriots, and all the news in football centers on the cross-town rival and the division rival. In the worst of times, it's usually one or the other, not both. But that's what we face right now. I'm in the unique position, though, living in New England, of knowing fans of both teams. So this week, we'll feature their thoughts on the Super Bowl, and live vicariously through them as their teams get ready to play in the big game......again. While I still wait to see my team in one.

We begin with The Wife, who grew up in a Patriots household, was indifferent towards the Patriots when we started dating, then thought being a football fan was easy as the Patriots rolled off three championships in our first years together.

Something strange is going on with this Super Bowl…

Boston has always been home to the underdog, the teams that get no respect, the teams that are cursed, the teams that you love to root for. New York, on the other hand, is home to the Evil Empire, the teams that win year over year, the teams that you want to see suffer miserably.

So how is it that in this year’s Super Bowl, it seems everyone is rooting for the Giants to spank the Patriots silly?

I’ll admit, the Boston sports teams are losing a little bit of their scrappy luster. The Sox are no longer the loveable team that broke the curse in 2004. This year, they basically bought themselves a World Series this year with a payroll that rivaled the Yankees’. The Celtics signed Kevin Garnett and are now #1 in the NBA. BC football did well for the season, the Bruins – well, who cares about hockey anyway? And the Patriots (with Tom “Baby Daddy” Brady at the helm and Randy “It was an accident” Moss receiving) are now 18-0, certain to go 19-0 for the season.

See, even my attitude has changed – no longer am I certain of impending collapse for my sports teams, but now I’m guaranteeing victory in the Super Bowl. (Yes, a GUARANTEE – Pats 35, Giants 17.)

What is wrong with me? What is wrong with Boston? When did we become New York??

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