Friday, October 19, 2007


Baseball is a business. I wish it wasn't, I wish it was all 'for love of the game' and everything, but it isn't - it's a business. And even when the baseball season stops, the business end of the game needs to continue. That said, here's part of a letter my dad received from the Mets this week:

First of all, I don't envy the guy who has to do this sort of thing - tread lightly, my friend, because there are some mad fans out there...who might immediately rip this letter up. Click the image if you need it bigger to read it. But I love how formulaic this is...

"Thanks for your support. We are as disappointed as you are that things didn't work out. We're working to improve....but don't forget that we have an exciting new stadium coming in just a year! And please give us some money for next year, too!"

As you may or may not remember, my dad had a Tuesday-Friday night plan last season. I have no idea at this point whether or not he'll have something again next year (although this letter was sent on the 15th, and they want a decision by the 26th as to whether or not you want to put your playoff deposit towards tickets for next year or get a he'd better decide fast)...but I think the timing is pretty bad on the Mets' part to try to convince him to come back. "Hey - it's World Series time! The Mets aren't involved - remember!? Pay us for next year."

I really didn't get a chance to take advantage of my dad's tickets last year - my brother and sister were able to attend a few games, and my dad even made it to multiple games, which is rare, but I only made it to one. I don't know if it's worth my dad getting tickets again. Sadly, my strongest interest in Shea Stadium next year may be the Billy Joel concert that's rumored to be taking place there right before they tear it down.

MY TWO CENTS ON THE ALCS: First of all, I wrote the other day about Jake Westbrook...remember in July, the family and I went to Ohio for our stadium trips, and we saw an ALCS preview - Red Sox and Indians in Jacobs Field. Westbrook started the game we saw in Cleveland - and got rocked. He gave up four runs before getting an out. (That was the game Jon Lester returned from cancer.) Anyway, just thought that might help illustrate how bad, or at least streaky, Westbrook was during the regular season, and how late it continued - that was the third week in July.

I have no idea what Fausto Carmona's career-high for innings pitched in a season is, but I'm guessing he's never gone this deep into a season. A few years back he was a reliever, and now that he's starting for the first time, he has to be getting tired. He was starting to fade down the stretch of the regular season, before bouncing back and having a good September. His arm has to be getting tired at this point. That said, I do think the Indians will win Game 6 of the ALCS....but that's just my opinion. I really wouldn't bet anything valuable on it...I just think Carmona will step up with a trip to the World Series on the line. And then the Indians will play the Rockies in the first World Series to have a game postponed by snow.

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Southern Bureau said...

I'm sure Mets fans everywhere are just itching to renew those tickets after last season. What a joke.

I like how they'll put the money for playoff tickets for next season. You know what Met fans would rather the Mets used that money for?? TICKETS TO THIS YEAR'S PLAYOFFS!!! Ugh. I'd want Jose Reyes to show up at my door personally with a refund.