Saturday, October 06, 2007


AIG is running this ad campaign during the playoffs on TBS where they sponsor a graphic that highlights what former players are doing now. It's basically "Where Are They Now?" with a different name...which I don't know, but plays off the idea that AIG helps you through your retirement. And it's pathetic.

I haven't been watching a ton of the playoffs, but I've caught this thing a couple of times. Graig Nettles: Enjoys babysitting his grandchildren and making charity appearances. Fred Lynn: Makes charity appearances.

You'd think either they would seek out the former players who are doing great things, or once they saw the responses they were getting from participating players, they would have tried to dress it up a little more.

(I can kind of imagine a former player sitting there, filling out the questionnaire sent by TBS/AIG.
Questionnaire: What have you been doing since your baseball career ended?
Former Player: Cursing out the current players for making millions.
Questionnaire: What do you do in your spare time?
Former Player: Charging as much money as I can for autographs. By the way, are you paying me for this?

This turns into "Makes charity appearances in his spare time" on the air.)

The one thing that now really bothers me about the Mets not making the playoffs (yeah...just this one thing) is that I guarantee one of these features would have been about Hall of Famer Gary Carter during a Mets playoff game...but now I'll never know.

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