Friday, October 12, 2007


I forgot to include a group that was the whole reason I wanted to write the "Former Mets involved in the League Championships" entry - coaches and managers. Clint Hurdle, specifically.

The Rockies manager is one of a few people coaching teams still alive in the playoffs who used to play on the Mets...and seeing him during the Division Series reminded me to write about them. Hurdle only played for the Mets in three seasons - but I remember him very well. Very strange. He's just one of those guys who stands out in my memory...probably because he falls into the "Barry Lyons" category - guys who backed up Hall of Famer Gary Carter with the Mets.

Anyway, joining Hurdle are a couple of others:

Dave Magadan, Boston Red Sox Hitting Coach: Magadan was a sweet-swinging first and third baseman with the Mets. Nephew of Lou Piniella. Started at first base the night the Mets clinched the 1986 National League East title, only to be lifted in the ninth inning for a flu-ridden Keith Hernandez, who got to be on the field for the celebration.

Bob Apodaca, Colorado Rockies Pitching Coach: Apodaca pitched for the Mets in the 1970's, and was the Mets' pitching coach in the late '90's, when the Mets had some success.

Worth noting: The Arizona Diamondbacks' coaches under Bob Melvin are almost all guys who have played not too long ago. It used to be that my dad would tell me about the days when the coaches I'm reminding him about the careers these guys had. I guess that's one way to tell that I'm getting old. Another is looking at some of the birth dates of the players.

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