Friday, October 05, 2007


This may just be an artist's rendering...but Ted Robinson does have crazy eyes (see comments on the last post).

I don't know if I ever wrote this before (I searched and couldn't find it...but it rings a bell - I feel like I must have written it somewhere bfore) - but I think Ted Robinson has had considerable facial work done.

While searching, though, I discovered why I didn't like him doing games (I've been so into the Gary Cohen games that I've forgotten my beef with Robinson)...he talked too much. And there was really no chemistry with Fran Healy.

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Southern Bureau said...

Thank you for labeling that "artist's rendering". I thought for sure that was an actual photo. He scares me.

And you're correct...he does talk a lot.

But since the other option is Steve Stone...I'm not really sure who is better/worse.