Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Since the Super Bowl pitted the Giants against the Patriots, we had guest spots from The Wife, Dave in Brighton, and Justin from NYC. But other than his behind-the-scenes contributions, we haven't heard from the Southern Bureau as a guest writer. So let's make up for that with his thoughts on the Red Sox entering the 2008 season as defending champions - a situation they find themselves in for the second time in four years. (I also feel that I still owe the Southern Bureau a blog - he bet that in 2006 the Tigers would win the World Series. I bet against him, technically winning a blog entry on 'The Orange Couch'...but I also thought it would be the Mets that beat the Tigers, so I didn't feel like it was a legit win. So now I will sleep at night, since I feel that we're even.) That's the Southern Bureau below on his impulse-driven trip to the World Series Parade last year - a one-day trip from North Carolina. Only something I can dream about doing these days. Oh, and in case you couldn't tell from that little story - ladies, he's single.

I love being the Southern Bureau for The pay sucks, but its fun to follow a team so closely that I have no connection to. I watched their off-season moves with the interest of a life-long fan – thrilled when they kept Luis Castillo (great signing), puzzled when they traded away Lastings Milledge for two journeymen (bad move), and pumped up when they traded for Johan Santana (obviously awesome). But with all those moves – and all the promise – I’m sorry to say its going to be a sad October again for Johnnymets, because the Mets aren’t going to win the World Series.

The Red Sox are.

And I’m 100% confident of it.

And that scares the bejesus out of me.

That’s what changed in 2004 – confidence. This isn’t the “old” Red Sox anymore. This isn’t: “what can/will go wrong?” Its: “everything will go right and they’re going to win”.

When the Red Sox went down 3-1 to Cleveland in the ALCS, I was never nervous. Beckett in game five – easy win. Back to Fenway for two more wins. Never had a doubt. And they proved me right.

The World Series against the white-hot Rockies. Yawn. Easy to predict (see: Orange Couch entry from 10/23). Red Sox sweep.

I went to the World Series Victory parade because – as my dad said – you never know when it will happen again.

But I know when it will happen again. This year. Because it’s the NEW Red Sox. And the NEW Red Sox don’t lose anymore.

Make no mistake: It’s an odd feeling. I feel almost dirty having this much confidence in my team. ESPECIALLY since this team is the Red Sox. The team of Babe Ruth, Bucky Dent, Bill Buckner, Aaron Boone. The heartbreak of players not living up to potential (Phil Plantier). The sadness of signing great players about 10 years too late (Jose Canseco). The frustration of trading away players too early (Jeff Bagwell).

But none of that matters now. This is a different team. A different feeling. A winning feeling.

And I like it.

Of course as I re-read this, I’m scared to death that I just jinxed everything. And that’s the life of a Red Sox fan. Even with the NEW Red Sox…even with this new confidence…even with two World Series Championships…20+ years of gloom and doom is hard to shake.

So…Go Red Sox. And I’ll see you at the 2008 Victory Parade.

Ugh…did I just jinx it again??

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the wife said...

did you even SEE my entry guaranteeing victory for the patriots this year? ugh, this'll be the curse of the southern bureau...