Thursday, March 27, 2008


I've got nothing for tonight, so I'll print this e-mail from Justin from NYC, which I'm not sure why he sent to a separate e-mail instead of the johnnymets e-mail...or the comments section...but it doesn't matter. He makes a good point, in response to my posting from yesterday :

"As a yankee fan and a traditionalist, i have to say, I have no problem with the idea of a hockey game at Yankee Stadium being the last event there. I like the idea that the rangers and possibly bruins will be taking part in a historic event. and the reason they havent done it before is that the yankees were concerned with drainage issues stemming from the ice surface. obviously, once they're done playing there, that is no longer an issue. Plus, Yankee stadium has only been baseball only since the 70's. The giants played there, there were boxing matches there, etc etc etc. And this isnt even the real original yankee stadium. That was ruined in 76, when the stadium was remodeled.

so.. there you go"

I think the last point, about the Yankee Stadium remodeling, is especially true. Thanks, Justin.

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