Thursday, March 06, 2008


With all of the possible trouble spots for the Mets in 2008 - 1B, the bench, RF, the looks like the DL might be the most troublesome of them all. Here's what I mean:

Brian Schneider has barely played this spring because of a hamstring problem.

Luis Castillo has yet to do anything as he recovers from off-season surgery on his knee.

Same with Carlos Beltran.

Carlos Delgado was playing, but had a recurrence of the hip problems that pained him in September. His backup, Michel Abreu, was hurt earlier this week.

Ryan Church, pictured at left, is recovering from a concussion suffered in a collision last week.

Orlando Hernandez still hasn't pitched and might not be ready for Opening Day, but this might work in the Mets' favor, because if Mike Pelfrey stays healthy he might be the better option.

And now the latest starter to go down is Moises Alou, who needs a hernia operation, and is out until May.

The backups are not in better shape - Endy Chavez, Damion Easley, Marlon Anderson (who collided with Church), Jose Valentin, Ruben Gotay, and Ben Johnson are all suffering various ailments, too.

The good news is that it's still early in the spring - the time when you hate to see guys doing well, because you want them to save the good stuff for the regular season. The bad news is that these aren't little piddly things - they're the types of injuries that have the potential to haunt the Mets through the season.

We'll need to re-evaluate the situation in a couple of weeks - if David Wright and Jose Reyes are still the only regulars in the lineup at that point, it'll be time to start turning up the worry dial.

By the way - you can get a good look at the Mets' backup minor leaguers Friday afternoon - their game against the Indians will be on ESPN. ESPN must be thrilled - they miss Johan Santana and Pedro Martinez, and the entire Mets team is injured.

SOUTHERN BUREAU CONTINUES TO IMPRESS: Fresh off his guest-blog here yesterday, the Southern Bureau has a new look on his blog. The link on the right to his "Orange Couch" has been updated. It's impressive.

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