Monday, May 04, 2009

Series Recap - Philadelphia Phillies

May 1: Mets win 7-4
May 2: Phillies win 6-5
May 3: rained out

Mets record: 10-13

Worth every penny : Hasn't always been pretty, but Francisco Rodriguez is a perfect five for five in save opportunities this season after Friday night's game ender.

At least one of them is good : Two games, two home runs for Daniel Murphy. He's now hitting .320 on the season with an on base percentage of .376. His play as of late has been one of the few bright spots for a team that has lost eight of eleven.

"I feel embarrassed." : Say what you want about Oliver Perez (and I have - many times) at least he knows he stinks. Saying he felt embarrassed after his Saturday outing is a start. Four runs, six walks in 2.1 innings and the question is - now what? Bullpen? Minors? DL? While that decision is still to be made, one thing is clear - he's out of the rotation.

Yeah, about that...never mind : The problem with the internet is, when you write a bold prediction, you'd better hope its right because it usually stays online forever and everyone knows what an epic failure you were. This guy know exactly what I'm talking about. Give him credit for going out on a limb though.

Next Up : two games at Atlanta Braves.

- SB

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dave in brighton said...

Here's what the pitching line from a Perez no-hitter would look like:

9 IP, 3 ER, 0 H, 10 BB. 174 pitches