Thursday, May 21, 2009

Series Recap - Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers win: 3-2
Dodgers win: 5-3
Dodgers win: 2-1

Mets record: 21-19

Ducks on the pond : The Mets only scored six runs in the three game series, and its easy to see why. New York hit just 3-27 with runners in scoring position. Not a good performance against a possible playoff opponent.

David Ortiz mocks you : After Ortiz FINALLY hit a home run last night, it seems like everyone is going deep. Well - everyone except the Mets, that is. The team has now gone seven games since their last home run.

Amazin' Mets? More like Walking Wounded : Jose Reyes could soon be joining Carlos Delgado on the disabled list. Reyes aggrivated a calf injury in Wednesday's loss, and said afterwards it hurt to stand. I'm no doctor, but that's not encouraging.

K-Rod Kount-down : (I jinxed it).
This series: 0 saves
Season total: 11
Current pace: 43
Mets record: 43

Next up: three games at Boston Red Sox

- SB

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