Thursday, May 14, 2009

Series Recap - Atlanta Braves

May 11: Braves win 8-3
May 12: Mets win 4-3
May 13: Braves win 8-7

Mets record: 18-15

Not again : For the second time this season, Johan Santana allowed no earned runs - and lost. Its games like this that they look back on at the end of the season when its tied on the last day.

You messed up : Derek Lowe is 5-1 with an ERA of 3.80. Oliver Perez is 1-2 with an ERA of 9.97. Omar, you messed up.

Not over 'til its over : Down by three in the eighth inning, the Mets come back and win Tuesday's game in extra innings. Carlos Beltran draws the game winning walk, and he's quickly becoming the star of this team. His numbers this year are amazing.

First one to 81 wins : The NL East was supposed to be one of the best divisions in baseball, but only one team (The Mets) is over 500. The parity has led to a close division though.

NY Mets -
Atlanta 1.5gb
Philadelphia 1.5gb
Florida 2gb

If one team gets hot, they could run away with the NL East in a hurry.

Next Up : four games at San Francisco Giants

- SB

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Louise said...

The Atlanta Braves have won more games at this point in the season than any other team in baseball. the Braves also lead in Runs, having scored 4 times as many as the next-highest team, Philadelphia.

Yes, they are the winners of the Small Sample Size Sweepstakes after winning the first game of the season, 4-1, over the Phillies.

just read about them here: