Friday, September 12, 2008


A year ago at this time the Mets were sitting pretty atop the NL East, and the Jets were coming off a playoff appearance...things were looking good.

Which is why it's hard to get too excited as a Mets and Jets fan with the Jets 1-0 heading into a showdown with New England, and the Mets 3 games up with 17 to play.

But there's a little excitement.

And I haven't been this excited about watching football in general (not just the Jets) in a few years. I couldn't get enough of it this past week - two Monday night games was the perfect topper for me. So I'm looking forward to Week 2...and the OSU-USC game on Saturday night should be a good appetizer.

But what I really wanted to mention here is the baby situation. Still nothing - for about three weeks now they've been telling us this could be the week....and nothing. So, clearly, I am not going to the Jets game on Sunday - Brett Favre's first home game.

And at this rate, the one game I have solid plans to attend - versus the Bengals on Columbus Day weekend - is approaching being in jeopardy. I'll keep you posted on that.

With everything going on - baby, school stuff, preparing school stuff for the days I have to miss when the baby comes - postings will be sporadic. Thanks for checking back.

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