Monday, September 29, 2008


For the sake of my sanity, I'm going to take another day to cool off about the Mets. Just know that I'm pissed. I'm going to do the NFL Week 4 wrap-up instead (and probably forego the final baseball analysis).

BEST GAME OF WEEK 4: Washington 26, Dallas 24. Not just a big win for Washington, upsetting the best team in the NFC in Dallas, but an entertaining game.

BEST PERFORMANCE OF WEEK 4: How about the Jets' own Brett Favre? He threw 6 touchdown passes and moved the Jets up and down the field with ease. Larry Johnson was also very impressive for Kansas City, rushing for 198 yards and 2 touchdowns.

WORST PERFORMANCE WEEK 4: The Cardinals' defense allowed the Jets to go up and down the field with way too much ease - 56 points allowed is a disgrace. Kurt Warner and the offense were putrid in the first half, turning the ball over a lot, allowing the Jets to have great field position. The Jets' defense wasn't much better - 35 points in a half is just as bad.

BEST GAME IN WEEK 5: I like a bunch of games on the Week 5 schedule: The Colts in Houston, Seattle at the Giants, Washington goes to Philly coming off the Dallas win, and after that disaster versus the Jets the Cardinals host the Bills, which should be interesting. I also think San Diego and Miami is intriguing, based on how both teams have been playing (the Chargers not looking too impressive, the Dolphins coming off their bye week following the big win in New England). But I don't think any of them beat the Sunday night game - Pittsburgh at Jacksonville. Not just a playoff rematch, but a tough matchup whenever they meet.

BEST PERFORMANCE PREDICTED IN WEEK 5: I have nothing to back this up, but I like Matt Forte going against the Lions in Detroit. I'm going to say 145 yards and 2 TD's.
-Last Week: I gave you Jake Delhomme for 265 yards and 4 TD's in a 38-13 win. I was close enough, I think - he went for 294 yards, 2 TD, and the Panthers won 24-9.

I can't completely ignore baseball.
-Looks right now like the Twins and White Sox will be playing for the Central title Tuesday night. I think the Twins might be my post-season team this year.
-I guess it would have been nice to be at the final game at Shea, but how crappy must it have been to sit through that ceremony after such a devastating loss?
-More evidence of what a good friend the Southern Bureau is - this e-mail sent to me today: "Whatever you do, don't read the Post online today. They're brutal towards the Mets." I didn't. (Didn't really intend to.)
-I don't know whether to be sad or angry. I don't know who to direct my anger towards. This was not a good feeling last year. Still isn't this year.

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