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(If I don't do this today, I fear it might never happen, and a graphic that took a lot of time to create will go to waste. Also, thanks to the Southern Bureau for the feedback on the site's font color - I'm trying white, since he said black was a bit hard on the eyes. I'd appreciate any feedback anyone has.)

Expectations for the Jets in 2007 are high. It's actually kind of odd...because expectations are so high, but they come with a lot of disclaimers:
-if Chad Pennington stays healthy
-if the offensive line overcomes the loss of Pete Kendall
-if Eric Mangini is able to maintain what he started last year
-and so on

My disclaimers are the same...and with these picks come some other warnings. As you can see, I pick the Jets to go 11-5 this year. That's what I think they should do...what they are capable of doing. We all know that with the Jets that what they should do, which teams they should beat, and what actually happens are not always the same. So I say this up front - I would not be surprised if the Jets lose a couple in that stretch of six straight that I have them winning. And I think the Pittsburgh and Dallas games are big "if"'s. But I also think the Jets might surprise us in the Tennessee game and maybe Baltimore. Either way, I don't think the Jets will win less than 10 games, and I think that's enough to make the post-season. Whether that results in a division win and a first round bye, though, might mean the difference between a Super Bowl run and a first-round playoff exit. Here's the breakdown:

WEEK 1 - VS. NEW ENGLAND: I think the Jets will split with the Patriots this year, and common sense tells me the Jets will win at home. But the season opener will be a tough one - both teams will be up for the game, obviously. Maybe the Richard Seymour injury and the Rodney Harrison suspension will work in the Jets' favor, though, and they will jump on a distracted Pats team.

WEEK 2 - AT BALTIMORE: The Jets always have trouble with the Ravens. That defense is always capable of literally killing Pennington. I think the Jets lose this game, especially since it's on the road, and are lucky to escape not too banged up. Otherwise the whole season could be lost in this early game.

WEEK 3 - VS. MIAMI: The Dolphins are a mess. I know when the Jets stunk and the Dolphins were competitive the Jets always gave Miami a run for their money...but there's no way the Jets should lose to the Dolphins this year.

WEEK 4 - AT BUFFALO: About the only good thing about the schedule this year is that the Jets don't play Buffalo late in the year. Weather shouldn't be too much of a factor in this game. I have the Jets penciled in for two wins against the Bills this year because of one thing - no Willis McGahee, who killed them.

WEEK 5 - AT NEW YORK GIANTS: Another good thing about the schedule this year - 9 home games, basically. The Jets should win this - I think the Giants are going to be awful. They hate their coach - I can't imagine any less motivation.

WEEK 6 - VS. PHILADELPHIA: I expect big things from the Eagles this year. Philly should win this game, even though it's at the Meadowlands. This could be one of those swing games, though. The Jets shouldn't be much worse than the Eagles.

WEEK 7 - AT CINCINNATI: Cincinnati should be better this year, and the Jets could be evenly matched. In that case, though, the advantage goes to the home team, which is the Bengals.

WEEK 8 - VS. BUFFALO: Again, no McGahee = Jets dominance.

WEEK 9 - VS. WASHINGTON: I think Washington is on the upswing, but they'll have to prove they can stay healthy, and that they have a quarterback in Jason Campbell. Until then, I say the Jets win this game.


WEEK 11 - VS. PITTSBURGH: Historically, a game the Jets can't win. Realistically, each time the Jets have played the Steelers recently, they've narrowed the gap. This is where they swing the momentum in their favor.

WEEK 12 - AT DALLAS: A tough stretch here - Thanksgiving Day against the Cowboys. Not a lot of rest after a probably tough Steelers game...and then the national audience at Dallas. I have it down as a surprise win, because the Jets will be as up for the game as the Cowboys.

WEEK 13 - AT MIAMI: Extra rest after the Thursday game should prove beneficial. Jets should smoke the Dolphins.

WEEK 14 - VS. CLEVELAND: Always a tough game for the Jets. They better stay up for this one - it should be a win.

WEEK 15 - AT NEW ENGLAND: They won there last year, but New England gets this one as revenge for the opening week loss. If the Pats win in Week 1, I'd bet the Jets win this one.

WEEK 16 - AT TENNESSEE: Last year the Jets snuck one out in the opening week, holding off a furious Titans comeback. I think the Titans don't sneak up on the Jets this year, and win this one pretty solidly.

WEEK 17 - VS. KANSAS CITY: With a possible playoff berth on the line for the Chiefs (doubtful, but possible), I don't see the Jets letting Herman Edwards come back to the Meadowlands and win his way in.

OTHER STUFF: As fun as it is, I don't see the picks against the spreads contest happening this year. I just have so much else going on - I really have to cut back on the extras.

I also don't think I'll be posting much during the week, but I'll try to wrap up each game. Please keep checking back and seeing what there is on the site. Thanks!

Nefertiti Jones said...
11-5?? Wow. I'll take the under.

And who is this Southern Bureau you speak of?? He seems very smart...the font looks great.)

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