Friday, September 28, 2007


Call it the National League East Series. Call it the pre-post-season. It's a best two-out-of-three series, with two opponents not even playing one another. Which means the Mets had better win all three of their games with the Florida Marlins - because they can't count on the Nationals doing to the Phillies what they did to the Mets.

It's a shame it's come down to this...but this is where we are. After blowing a 7-game lead over the course of 2 weeks, it's do or die. Today is the last day you can make an argument that the Mets have any control over their own fate. Win, and they can't drop out of first place. Lose, and they have to rely on other teams. Win 3, and hope the Phillies don't.

For the first time in the 3+ year history of, the Phillies scare me. A little. I'll be more scared when the Mets are officially in second place.

The slim silver lining here is that the Phillies' dominance of the Mets does not factor into the Mets' playoff hopes. If they finish tied for the division lead, with the chance that neither team would be in the wild card spot, there would be a one-game playoff, and the Phillies' season-series win wouldn't matter. It would matter that the Mets would probably have zero confidence going into that game.

Bottom line - you want loser-goes-home, elimination baseball? You got it. Unfortunately for Mets fans, it comes about a week earlier than it was supposed to.


Southern Bureau said...

Keep breathing John. We're all here for you.

southern bureau said...

John Maine. Unreal