Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week in (yawn) Review

Maybe he'll be signing a WORLD SERIES '09 ball: The Mets signed Freddy Garcia to a minor league deal this week. That's really all they did. Boring.

According to various reports, the Mets are still interested in several free agent pitchers, and that's probably a good thing. Right now, I can't see Garcia making much of an impact, except perhaps as a #5 starter. Even that might be a stretch.

Sandy Koufax isn't walking through that door: Of course the problem now is - there isn't much left. Its Randy Wolf, Ben Sheets, and he-who-shall-remain-nameless. And apparently that last option is a serious one, as the Mets are reportedly raising their offer to the 2008 Major League leader in walks.

What have we learned?: Since there isn't much going on this week, I'll tackle one more quick topic. Some rumblings that the Mets should trade one of their "big three" hitters, but history tells us they should think long and hard about that. Watching a future Hall of Famer retire this week should probably be enough of a reminder for this franchise.


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