Friday, August 08, 2008


At what point in the trade process did it become clear that this was going to happen?
Because I'm pretty sure, based on the look on his face while Mayor Bloomberg was reading scripted notes that the mayor clearly did not understand, had he known about it in advance, Brett Favre would have nixed the entire deal.

What an awkward situation. A Metrocard? To go where? Why don't we save this City Hall stuff for after Favre wins a Super Bowl (an occasion he's now prepped for, with an empty key ring in anticipation of a key to the city)...or at least a playoff game. For now, let him get the heck to practice, please.

WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?: Chad Pennington took the high road out of town, which for him is the only road there is. "I've learned a lot, become a better professional and a better man because of my experience and my time in New York," he said. He'll have a positive impact on whichever team picks him up - even if he doesn't have a good statistical year. Wherever he goes, I'll be keeping a close eye on him and keeping you aware as well.

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