Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Win or lose (the game isn't over yet) there's nothing good that will come from this Mets-Phillies game.

It's tied at 7 in the 12th inning. Here's a list of how bad this game is:

-Pedro Martinez* went four strong innings before hitting a wall in the 5th inning and giving up 5 runs, turning a 7-0 lead into a 7-5 lead.

-Another blown lead by the bullpen (though Pedro* didn't put them in the best possible spot), and a blown save by (surprisingly good until now) Luis Ayala.

-The tying run in the bottom of the ninth scored on an ugly play - the runner, Jayson Werth, should have been out by a mile, but a terrible relay throw allowed him to score.

-Again it looked like the Phillies were more intense in a game against the Mets than the Mets were....especially concerning with first place on the line (the Mets entered the game ahead by just a half-game).

-Jimmy Rollins once again had a huge game against the Mets - with 5 hits (as of this writing).

-In a scene that has become all too familiar this year, the Mets scored early, and then did nothing offensively for much of the game.

-To top it all off, David Wright was thrown out in extra innings trying to stretch a single into a double.

The only, only good that will come from this game would be a win. And Philadelphia has seemed to be in control in the extra innings...a win doesn't look likely.

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