Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Thanks for coming back. I should be starting with an in-depth article on the Jets' strengths and weaknesses for the upcoming season. Dissecting how they will fare coming back from an unexpected playoff year, and a tough loss in the playoffs to a division opponent.

But I came across this, and I don't think I can let it pass unnoticed. Today, Tuesday, August 7, 2007, the Jets introduced their dance team/cheerleading squad, the 'Flight Crew'.

Yep. Looks like the Jets will no longer be losing ugly. I don't quite know how to react to the squad's name, though. Part of me thinks 'Flight Crew' is clever, part of me thinks it's politically incorrect. Oh well. So the girls will now carry the flags after the Jets score, and they will be involved, so the people in charge say, in all aspects of the game - from player introductions through the end of the game. Sure beats the way the Jets used to do it:
Thanks for coming back after a long off-season. I'll try to get some posts out before the school year gets going, including my prediction for how the Jets will fare this year.

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