Wednesday, July 18, 2007


With the Mets out west, and no game observations by me to write about (two out of three against the Padres with a win Wednesday night would be pretty good for the Mets), here are a couple of housecleaning issues:

WORK LIFE: So I'm trying out a new website - ArmchairGM. It's pretty good - I recommend you go over and check it out. I've written a couple of articles already...and it's pretty much run by and for fans. Anyone can sign up and write/comment on each other's articles. There also seems to be a fan-created/added-to encyclopedia. There's a ton of stuff there. I used my usual method as a measuring stick as to quality of a piece of sports work - the 1986 World Series...and Game 6 in particular. Someone put together a comprehensive summary of the entire series...and a very thorough summary of Game 6. So it passes my test. It also is another place to find my writing...which I guess passes another test of mine.

LIFE AT HOME: What do Harry Potter, Sudoku, and Johnnymets all have in common? They're all things that The Wife thought to be extremely silly until she gave them a fair shot and realized there was true potential behind each...and soon became obsessions of hers. (Especially Johnnymets.) Well, I'm working really hard at adding "Flight of the Conchords" to that list...but it's been a struggle. I get a good laugh at the show - I realize it's not the funniest thing ever - but I really enjoy it...and I want her to appreciate it as well. It's a slow go - I want her to give it at least three episodes. We'll see.

LIFE ON THE ROAD: The Wife, The Baby, and I are about to take off on our stadium trip for the year. We'll be hitting Cleveland and Cincinnati, and we leave on Saturday. I'll probably post until then...but there's a chance with the packing of everything for the car trip I'll be caught up in other things. There's also a chance that I'll be able to post from the hotels on the road - Please check back all next week to see if there are postings. There will definitely be recaps of the trip and the stadiums when I'm back next week.

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the wife said...

you can probably add "curb your enthusiasm" to that list too. that's the other one you were trying to think of.