Thursday, July 05, 2007


As you know by now, the Rockies are 6-0 at home against both the Mets and Yankees, and are 36-43 against everyone else...18-18 at home against non-New York teams. Rarely do I sympathize with the Yankees, but this is one of those rare occurrences where I think it is warranted. It's not like Colorado is an offensive juggernaut anymore, either - but they steamrolled the Mets and Yankees - outscoring both teams 47-17, and becoming the first team to sweep two New York teams in the same season in 51 years. The 17-7 win by the Broncos...sorry, Rockies... was a fitting ending to the New York trips to Colorado this year.

Now, with the Colorado dominance over New York, it's made me a little self-conscious, being a native New Yorker and all. This is where I feel I must take possession of the Yankees, if for only one posting, and defend New York against all things Colorado.

It's not like Colorado is, I don't know, Montana or something. They're well represented in sports, and even in Congress. Colorado has a sports team in the 4 traditional/major sports, and they do have 7 reps in the House (Montana has just 1). New York, though, has 29! So suck on that, Colorado!

Colorado does have more counties than New York - 64 to 62 - but New York dominates as far as population - 19 million to 4 million.

Skiing gives a decided edge to Colorado...but I've only ever skied in New York, so I have no knowledge of the Colorado slopes. Plus, it's about the only time in my life I've ever gone skiing. So I'm going to give skiing a push.

Colorado did produce The Fray, one of my favorite bands of the moment (although, I must say, their concert was underwhelming...and took them down a couple of pegs in my eyes...and the Rockies' sweep of the Mets doesn't really help matters), but New York has my all-time favorite, Billy Joel.

Clearly, the recent results were a fluke. The Rockies played their first-ever game against the Mets, back in 1993. So there's almost a father-son type bond between the cities of New York and Denver. I think of the dual sweeps as the first time you beat your father at something...almost accidentally. Where maybe he was sort of letting you win, but you were good enough to hold your own, and actually won...but it wasn't the point where you were consistently beating him - next time out he kicked your butt to show you who was still boss. That's what I liken this to. So, in other words, Colorado, you caught the Mets at a bad time (Jason Vargas!). Watch out next year.

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