Friday, July 25, 2008


It's been a weird summer for me. Usually about this time I'm getting psyched for fantasy football and the regular football season. It could be due to the pending arrival of baby #2, or the amount of time I'm spending with Baby #1, but every time I hear a football story on ESPN or read something in the paper, I kind of zone out. I haven't even bought my fantasy football preview magazine yet...don't know if I'm going to. Heck, think about the last time I even mentioned the Jets on this blog.

That all could change very soon. Up until now, the story I've ignored the most has been Brett Favre. Favre has to put this nicely....a bit of a pest recently. And I don't think he should have made any retirement announcement if he had any thought that he might get the 'itch' to play again this season. And I don't think it's fair to the Packers what he's doing right now.

And right now, there's no denying he's going to come back. And there's no chance he comes back to Green Bay. And there's about a 50% chance that he's going to come back as a member of the New York Jets...and that's just too good to ignore.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the situation:

1. The Jets have a chance to get one of the best quarterbacks in the game.

2. He's coming off one of his better seasons in recent years.

3. He has a lot to prove.

4. He's better than what the Jets have right now.

1. He's 38, and like the Mets, the Jets have a way of screwing up big acquisitions like this.

2. Though Favre has never had a great supporting cast, the Jets are, well, the Jets.

3. The signing of Favre means goodbye to Chad Pennington. But at least he's giving way to Brett Favre, and not Kellen Clemens. I could live with that, I suspect he can too.

I've written about him before - I like Brett Favre. When the Jets struggled (which was for most of my life), I liked to root for Green Bay, and Favre. So there would be a tremendous amount of symmetry for me for Favre to go out as a member of the Jets.

I don't have a problem with him wanting to write a better ending to his career, better than a loss in the conference championship game, in which his final pass was an interception. I just think he could have thought a little more about how many other people his decision affected before he did anything rash.

All that said, if Brett Favre becomes a Jet this weekend, my interest level in football is ramped up tenfold.

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