Monday, May 05, 2008


Took a quick trip down to Queens for a family function this weekend. One of the ol' Saturday morning arrivals, Sunday morning departures. As a result, I set myself back about a month in the "tired" department. Too much schoolwork+end of the year+traveling = less blogging. Sorry about that.

Anyway, couldn't not post some pictures of the Citi Field progress. You can see how far they've come since my last pictures. The Wife knows this wasn't her finest moment in photography. Of five pictures she took reaching across The Baby from a moving car, this was the best one to show what the stadium looks like. The coolest thing was coming east on the Whitestone Expressway (north/south? I'm just not sure) and seeing the light towers pop up over a hill. That's the hallmark of a cool new stadium - M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore was that way, off I-95, I think. Anyway, Mets are on the west coast, so I won't be seeing much of them these next few days. But I will get to some e-mail I have.

(Shea is not pictured here - it's just out of view on the right.)

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