Tuesday, June 12, 2007


by johnnymets.blogspot.com

I'm starting summer vacation. I get to spend pretty much every day from now until the end of August with my daughter. I should be extremely happy...but I'm not. I've had a bad week, and it's only Tuesday. Making things worse, I haven't paid much attention to baseball (specifically, the blog), and the Mets have lost 7 of 8 (8 of 10 if you want to take it back to a round number...actually, 8 is a very round number...but I digress). The strange thing is, the Mets are getting healthy - they've gotten Jose Valentin back, Orlando Hernandez has come back, and Shawn Green is back - they're just not winning.

I compare the current Mets run to a car crash. It's a Met-aphor, if you will.

Where, you ask, did I get such a great picture of a car that has been in a car crash? Well, I only had to go to my driveway...like I said, it's been a rough week here at the House sponsored by DirecTV.

I think this can be traced back to Sunday night. (The Mets had been losing for a week already, but it wasn't bothering me at this point.) All of the anticipation, all of the excitement over the series finale of 'The Sopranos' for.....a choose-your-own-ending?! It's bad enough the show makes me think more than I should have to for a television show...but now they make me decide how to end one of the most successful shows in history? Way too much pressure, and a huge disappointment.

I'm also going to spend a minute addressing the fact that Tony Soprano played "Don't Stop Believin'" for the final song of the show. I know it's not a popular opinion, but I enjoy Journey, and I like "Don't Stop Believin'". I love it even more because it became one of the theme songs of the 1999 Mets during their end-of-season and post-season run. I loved when someone would come through in the clutch late in a game and the chorus would start playing almost immediately on the Shea speakers. I remember it playing after Robin Ventura's grand-slam double. However, the song is now involved in a custody dispute in my mind: Happy memories from the 1999 Mets vs. Extreme disappointment in the final scene of 'The Sopranos'. The happy memories are fading fast.

So the week started off bad. Then came Monday night - the Mets, coming off a 15-7 drubbing on Sunday, got a first inning run out west versus the Dodgers, and I went to sleep, feeling pretty good about El Duque and the early lead. But the Mets aren't the lock they were last year when they score first on the road, and I woke to find out that they lost. So Tuesday got off on the wrong foot. It got worse.

Driving to my final work-related event of the school year, I got into an accident. The car is in the condition you see above (I'm fine). It actually looks worse than it was, but it's a crappy way to start summer vacation. The appraisal is tomorrow.

Therefore, Mets, I ask you to please start winning. If these first three days of summer vacation are any indication, things might not be going as well as I wanted them to this summer. If nothing else, give me something to watch, root for, and enjoy.


Southern Bureau said...

I'm glad the "injuries" tag isn't related to you and your accident. How did it happen??

And I love "Don't Stop Believin" too...just wrote about it on the Orange Couch.

Maryann said...

very well written blog. i hope the week gets better, the mets get better, the summer is a winner and my 'system' prevails! Glad you're o.k., the bruises give the car character :)

the wife said...

I find it funny that you can clearly see the imprint of the other car's rear spare tire on the hood of your car.

Have to find humor somewhere, I guess...

dave in brighton said...

"Met-aphor"... HA! JohnnyMets, I have missed your daily wit. Please don't take any more Sopranos-style hiatuses