Friday, May 25, 2007


Mets 6, Marlins 2 (NYM: 30-17, FLA: 23-25)

Orlando Hernandez came off the DL on Friday night, and it was like he never left. He went six scoreless innings, trading 0's with Sergio Mitre, keeping the Mets in the game until they blew it open in the 9th.

Meanwhile, I've completed 90% of my school obligations, so I should be back for good. Thanks to the readers who have continued the dialogue in the comments section in my absence. The Southern Bureau needs to re-think his stance on Oliver Perez...I'll leave it at that.

On Friday night, Joe Smith was actually in position to get the win, after the Mets pushed a run across in the 8th inning. Aaron Heilman, though, continued his slow implosion with a disastrous 8th, in which he was lucky to give up just a run, and the Mets were tied heading into the 9th.

That's when the Mets scored 5 times, taking a 6-1 lead, and slamming the door on Florida, winning, 6-1.

David Wright has come alive lately (mostly since I haven't been writing), and Carlos Delgado is starting to come around. The Mets nearly got burned in this game, though, with some bad baserunning in the 7th inning, and part of that is attributed to those two guys. In the seventh, David Wright started the inning with a little squibber up the first base line. Now, in defense of Wright, the ball was waaaay foul before it kicked back, but he should have hustled right down the line when he saw it kick back towards fair territory. He didn't, and was tagged out as the ball crossed the foul line. Next batter, Delgado, crushes one to the wall in left field, and off the wall. The throw comes into second, and despite a good slide (he was actually safe), Delgado was tagged out. I never saw a good replay (FoxSports Florida is awful), but I'm pretty sure Delgado wasn't hustling right out of the box. He should have had a double easy.

Other than that, another good game for the Mets. They're really not doing anything spectacular, they're just going out, playing good baseball, and winning games. It's been a good stretch for the Mets....sorry I wasn't available to write about it.

Apple Player of the Game: Pretty amazing to see El Duque come back without missing a beat. He goes 6 innings, throwing 88 pitches, giving up just 2 hits. The only negative about his start was that I didn't know it was coming soon enough to start him in my fantasy league.

PLAYING CATCH-UP: Since we've been gone:

  • David Wright has been on fire. 0 HR's in April, 8 in May. Nice. (He'll get some retro-active Player of the Game honors when I have a chance to go backwards and award them.)

  • The Mets have called up Carlos Gomez, who is a speedy young outfielder, and has been filling in for Moises Alou (on the DL still) and Shawn Green occasionally....and they sent down Mike Pelfrey.

  • The Mets lost two out of three to Atlanta, in Atlanta, but still have a game-and-a-half lead in the division. Incidentally, the Mets got jobbed every which way from the umps in Thursday night's game, in which John Smoltz won his 200th career game.
  • My school obligations are near complete - and hopefully I'll be able to start staying up for games. I've been falling asleep in the 6th inning or so the past few nights. Gotta get past that.

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: This is just the next couple of days, there should be a major announcement featuring johnnymets, Justin in NYC, the Southern Bureau, and Dave in Brighton.

BEAT THE STREAK: This I've been continuing, albeit unsuccessfully. Vladimir Guerrero on Friday night got me up to 2 games, I think. I like Carlos Beltran on Saturday.

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