Thursday, April 26, 2007


At the beginning of the year I received a media guide from my dad, which came with the Mets partial season ticket plan that my dad got for this year (Tuesday and Friday home games...I have yet to attend one - my sister has already been to two of next Tuesday, my mom and dad will have been to their first.). (P.S. - we also got a CitiField pen.) Considering this is an off-day, I've been looking through the media guide, and here are some things I've found.

**Gary Carter appears in the Mets Historical Records section 5 times:
  • September 3, 1985, for hitting 3 homers in a game (tie with 6 others).
  • September 3-4, 1985, for hitting 5 homers over two games.
  • September, 1985, for hitting 13 homers in a month (tie with Dave Kingman).
  • 1986 - most sacrifice flies in a season (tie with Howard Johnson), with 15.
  • July 27, 1986, for being part of one of just six back-to-back-to-back home run tandems in Mets history (along with Darryl Strawberry and Kevin Mitchell).
  • He also appears in a section on most home runs at Shea Stadium - he's 10th on the list, with 54.

**Willie Stargell hit the first home run at Shea, in 1964, and is tied for the most by a visitor, with 26. Mike Schmidt also has 26.

**Scott Schoeneweis attended Duke University.

**John Maine attended the University of North Carolina....Charlotte.

**Philip Humber was drafted by the Yankees in 2001 but didn't sign with them.

**Moises Alou didn't play organized baseball until attending Canada College in California. How does an Alou not play organized baseball until college!?!

PERSONAL NOTE: The blog may suffer in the coming weeks. Report writing season is upon me again, and that is going to occupy a LOT of my time. Good news - the sooner I get those done, the sooner I'll get back to this. When there's a dropoff in my writing here, that means there's an increase in my school writing, and that's actually good news, because then it will be closer to being done.

BEAT THE STREAK: Hello, 3 games! Lance Berkman got me there. I may have had a rule in the past about picking Braves for Beat the Streak, but now that I'm well on my way to 57 games, there's no one I won't pick - Andruw Jones in Colorado for Friday.

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